Pre Cut / Blade Saws

We have a wide range of electric and hydraulic powered hand held saws with blade diameters up to 400mm, which can be used on their own or as pre-cut machines where greater cutting depths are required.

Chain Saws     

In situations where a deeper cut is required, often used to cut square corners in conjunction with track or floor sawing where over-cutting is not permissible. Precise corners without the need to over-cut, in materials up to 400mm thick.     

Ring Saws

The 350mm diameter ring blade that is used on this machine will give a maximum cutting depth of 250mm which allows precise square corner cutting of openings without overcuts, in materials up to 200mm thick.

Cut-N-Break Saws    

Electric or petrol engine driven twin blade cut-n-break saws ideal for forming small openings in brick or concrete block materials, often has been used to provide expansion joints in brickwork that are later filled with flexible joint material. Maximum cutting depth of 400mm.