Hydraulic Bursting

Experience Precision Demolition with our Hydraulic Bursting Solutions!

Hydraulic bursting is a silent and highly efficient method for controlled demolition, perfectly suited for the removal of substantial concrete structures such as foundations, columns, floor slabs, and walls.

At KSS Diamond Drilling, we proudly offer two exceptional lines of bursting equipment: Darda and Hydrostress. Darda’s equipment requires only 48mm holes to accept the burster wedges, while Hydrostress equipment calls for either 112mm or 180mm diameter holes.

The process is initiated by drilling holes into the concrete structure, followed by the insertion of the burster head, which is expanded using hydraulic fluid power. As pressure builds up inside the holes, it induces controlled cracks in the concrete, following the predetermined plane of weakness. This method is systematically repeated until the entire structure is fractured into manageable sections, ready for removal.

Our hydraulic bursting solutions come with a variety of power units, including 110-volt electric, three-phase electric, and engine-driven options. With our expertise and top-notch equipment, you can trust a demolition process that is efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly.

Choose KSS Diamond Drilling for your hydraulic bursting needs and witness a seamless, efficient, quiet controlled demolition process that sets new standards in the industry.