Hydraulic Crunching

KSS Diamond Drilling is proud to offer advanced hydraulic crunching services, revolutionising the world of demolition with efficiency, safety, and precision. Our hand-held hydraulic crunchers boast a remarkable crushing force of 300 tons, providing a silent, dust-free method of demolition for materials ranging from 100mm to 300mm in thickness.

In environments where heavy equipment is impractical or noise and dust are major concerns, our hydraulic crunching technology offers the perfect solution. These powerful machines feature crushing jaws that make quick work of concrete removal, even in challenging access points and confined spaces.

One of the key advantages of our hydraulic crunching method is its ability to produce debris that is easily manageable. Resulting fragments can be crushed to a size that allows for manual removal from the site, eliminating the need for additional equipment and minimising disruption.

Our hydraulic crunching services are particularly well-suited for a variety of applications, including the demolition of pillars, staircases, concrete walls, and slabs. Additionally, they excel in environments where maintaining a quiet and clean workspace is essential, such as hospitals, stores, and supermarkets.

At KSS Diamond Drilling, we are committed to delivering exceptional results while prioritising safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Trust us to handle your demolition needs with precision and care, utilising cutting-edge hydraulic crunching technology for optimal outcomes.