Wire Sawing

Welcome to KSS Diamond Drilling’s Wire Sawing Service! At KSS Diamond Drilling, we excel in precision cutting through our advanced diamond wire sawing techniques. Unlike traditional blade sawing methods, diamond wire sawing offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

Diamond wire sawing is ideal for projects requiring cutting depths beyond the limitations of traditional blades. With the ability to handle excessively thick materials, ranging from 2 to 3 meters in thickness, our wire sawing expertise is unmatched. Whether it’s cutting walls or floor slabs, our wire sawing technique is the solution you need.

One of the significant advantages of diamond wire sawing is its adaptability. By incorporating satellite pulleys, we can create cuts of limitless shapes and sizes. This adaptability makes it perfect for various applications, including pillar removal, machine and pump isolations, and openings for doors, windows, and floors.

While commonly used in demolition, our wire sawing services can also operate with exceptional precision. This precision, combined with fast cutting speeds, sets our wire sawing apart from other methods. Plus, it requires access to both sides of the object being cut, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results.

Choose KSS Diamond Drilling for your wire sawing needs, and experience unmatched precision, efficiency, and adaptability in every cut.